Our menu opens up a world of choices, loaded with authentic mexican flavor.

Main Dishes

Tacos Main Dish
Quesadilla Main Dish
Nachos Main Dish
Mexican Burrito
Mexican Gorditas
Mexican Tostadas


Nachos & Cheese Appetizer
Nachos & Guacamole Appetizer
Nachos & Salsa Appetizer
Mexican Street Corn
Mexican Street corn in a cup
Enchiladas de Matehuala Beach


Creamy Jalapeño Salsa
Cascabel Pepper Salsa, Very Hot!


Always Coca Cola
Choose Happiness
Obey your thirst
Is it in you?
100% Florida Orange Juice
Fresh Natural Apple Juice
That's Brisk®, baby!
Delicious Mango Juice
Freshly squeezed lemonade
natural strawberry lemonade
Agua Fresca
Agua Fresca
Agua Fresca


Strawberry or Banana Nutella Chocolate Chimichanga.
Mexican Style Key Lime Pie
Buñuelos with Ice-Cream