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Who We Are

Our Mission

The mission of Las Mexicanas Food Truck is to provide the most delicious tasting and freshest authentic mexican food. We are committed to helping people who are following a healthy lifestyle. Join us today!

Our Values

We respect and honor our customers, our employees, our community and ourselves through principles of truth, integrity and ethics. We pride ourselves on our commitment to offering the highest quality, great-tasting food and superior service.

Our Solution

We use fresh ingredients and delicious recipes to create the perfect mexican food. Serving the finest foods with exciting dishes and unique ambiance. Healthy ingredient are the key to delicious food. We offer Healthy Delicious Food!

Why You Should Join Us

100% satisfaction guaranteed. Everytime.




Tradition Tradition means repetition. Now repetition doesn’t stand alone in lending value to a craft – but it can lend to perfection. One may perfect or master a craft over the whole span of their lifetime. And through tradition (passing down values and practices from generation to generation) we learn that masterful craft and make it our own. Our authentic Mexican food is crafted on tradition.
Culture Culture speaks to tradition as well. But culture speaks to values. At Las Mexicanas our culture surrounds family, and good food. Home is where the heart is… and the stomach.
Ingredients Again, tradition comes into play here. We rely on traditional ingredients that time has tested. Our ingredients are the same ingredients that have satiated bellies for generations. That means flavor you can count on. Valuable mixtures and recipes that simply work. Our ingredients are timeless.
Family & Friends We surround ourselves with family & friends. And we choose to make Las Mexicanas a family owned-and-operated business. In this way, we’re responsible to ourselves and to each other. We strive to maintain our craft, tradition, and culture because it’s in our blood. It’s how we thrive; and it’s what we love!

Private Events

Las Mexicanas is available for private events! Let us cater your open house, wedding reception, corporate function, dinner party, holiday party or social gathering in the office or after work. No order is too small or too large. Whether your group size is 2 or 2,000, we promise a very memorable experience. Please feel free to inquire!